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-Vietnam Peace and Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Nguyen Duc's Commentary on the War Remnants Museum

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The contents of the exhibition in the War Remnants Museum, Ho Chi Minh City, where tourists visit most in Vietnam, are explained based on the historical facts of the orange bomb defoliant operation containing dioxin, and also in Japan, the lecture about the Vietnam War was performed by Mr. Guendok, the Peace Ambassador.

At that time, Secretary of State Dulles and his younger brother who was the CIA Director, decided on strategies such as TOP based on false reports and domino theory, which made the country tired and sacrificed many precious lives. We are planning to disseminate the story to everyone working with the theme of "thinking about war and peace again".


Vietnam Peace and Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Guendok Commentary Workshop
Chat exchange meeting with orange bomb victims

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1. "Vietnam War of Orange Bomb Victims" commented by Mr. Nguyen Duc, Vietnam Peace and Goodwill Ambassador
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1. Vietnam history summary ... Special site (summarizing why the Vietnam War happened)
2. Agent Orange ・ ・ ・ Special site (B52 flying from Okinawa performed airstrikes on Vietnam)
3. War Remnants Museum Video Guide ・ ・ ・ Special site (Introducing the most popular museum in Vietnam)
4. Underground tunnel in Kuchi ... Special site (Watch the video of the underground tunnel that is famous for its impregnable, iron triangle.)
5. Peace Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Guendok Fighting Defoliant Damage (Online using Zoom)

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