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Am Tien Cave - Paradise Place On Earth

Create by Cat Linh Nguyen Phan 05-11-2019 1622

Am Tien Cave is a national monument of Hoa Lu ancient capital complex, Ninh Binh province, about 10km from the city center. This place is known as the  “paradise place on earth” and the youth called “Tuyet Tinh Coc”.

Located at an altitude of more than 500m above sea level, the climate in Am Tien is cool all year round. Both sides of the road to the relic are covered with a deep green of ancient nacre trees, making the space even more wild and majestic. With the rugged terrain in remoted place and little people came here, Am Tien cave still contains many mysteries. Although the landscape so majestic, poetic but there also has a melancholy, mysterious color as if it still left remnants of the old execution grounds. Most of the area in Am Tien Cave is flooded valley, the terrain more special when surrounded by cliffs.

It is said that in the past, this was the place where King Dinh raised wild and ferocious animals, and caged prisoners under death penalty. These prisoners were dropped into a cage with ferocious animals, who escape can be excused. At the foot of the mountain is the Ao Giai (Crocodile Pond), where the king raised giant crocodiles to eat sinners. In addition, the area also has Muoi cave (means salt cave), Tien cave (means money cave) ... where the king stored food and national treasury in Dinh, Le period.

On the mountain has Am Tien Pagoda, where Queen Duong Van Nga ordained and spent the last days of her life. Time has destroyed many ancient vestiges, but the cave still retains the temple bell, three ancient steles, which carved contributions to building the temple from hundreds of years ago. Looking down from Am Tien Pagoda, you will admire the panorama view of the majestic landscape with towering mountains and wild clear blue lake by your own eyes and feel the sacred, majestic of a historical time.